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August log price

presents a soft growth demand, but August log price and equability. The analyst points out, in the past in a few months, buy the home and customer more apt choice quality Plastic Marine Wood is better lumber, and hope purchase high quality lumber through reasonable price, is not mere pursuit low. Equatorial Guinea and Congo cloth pull Ao Guman log of Chaiweier

to have particular demand, composite tongue and groove plank shabili and beans of the wood that surpass a shoe remain leading role of sell like hot cakes, basically buy the home to come from China. In August log of Ao Guman of Africa of the first ten days of a month (LM) export price is 230 euro / Play Area Flooring Outdoor With Composite stere, the sanded log that compare profit (LM) export price is 290 euro /

stere, the Mu Dou that surpass a shoe (Beli)(LM) export price is 250 euro / stere. Lucky prosperous builds lumber single user wharf    A few days ago, single user wharf of limited company Wood Composite 2X4 Plastic And Wood lumber is intensifying industry of timber of border of China of middle forest China construction, can throw at the beginning of predicting next year use.


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