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surface nature from Morgan Stanley

<p>the World Brand Laboratory,<a href="">is railroad ties ok for playground border</a> the United States has 247 short-listed entries in 2008, accounting for nearly 50% of the world's top 500 enterprises, while China's short-listed companies only have less than 30. China's Ministry of Commerce also shows that 200,000 new- But its average life expectancy is less than two years,best landscape fencing price Georgia most of the brands are speculation, the use of strong brands to obtain profits in the market gap, the long-term </p>
<p>brand planning is relatively cool.<a href=''>how to build a round deck</a> The current situation in China's wood flooring industry is also true. There are only a few independent R & D brand routes. Although the industry consumption trend is gradually branded, the brand concentration is low, resulting in an increase in consumer purchasing factors.plastic wood terrace build cost The emergence of this situation may be the inevitable process of development of the industry process, but the industry's own development </p>
<p>and government guidance should be more clear,<a href=''>making a garden bench out of deck board Oregon</a> a brand concentration is not high concentration of the industry is bound to lead the industry brand flood cycle, in order to speed up the wood flooring industry Development must establish a strong long-term brand composite stairs In recent years, China's wood flooring companies, including nature, St. Elephant, Anshun, Fulin, have been injected a considerable amount of capital, flooring industry </p>


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