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North America lumber

Price of North America lumber rises drop the trend is abhorrent, the market still demands exceeds supply    South is loose. Last week, sell momentum gradually driving. outdoor hanging deck lights Trade to basically be centered in narrow 2 class. The price of 2x4 has the growth of two digit in various places. More and more buying family expenses dragon spruce - loose - Chinese hemlock (SPF) replaced southern pine, the

reason is the price difference wall panel moisture resistance supplier in usa between two kinds of lumber bigger. Because a few factories shift production 2x4 and 2 class 2x8 offers goods insecurity. When the value is better, exporter and North America buy the home to be willing to enter the market more. Because ministry of Chinese and Western is mixed,the advanced sale of the traditional market of buy outdoor flooring in Norway northeast area puts delay somewhat,

the demand lag of one class at 2 class. Dragon spruce - loose - Chinese hemlock (SPF) The near future western SPF price trend did not change. The quote of 2 class deck lumber for horizontal board fence capable person is dollar of $490 - 495 mostly, but a few sawmill quote later on in this week $487- 488 dollar. Although the price of 2x6 rises extent lag at 2x4, but 2x6 still is the dimension with the most popular market. Because


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