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How to maintain and clean the wooden floor?

<P>To deal with the stains on the wooden floor of shopping malls, the rag will be gently wiped on the floor, not only to remove stains, but also to keep the wooden floor glossy. Of course, you can also choose a more relaxed tool! We wring the mop to a semi-dry state, and then focus on the stains clean. It should be noted here that the mop must not be too wet, otherwise it will cause the mall floor softening and deformation, it is not good.</P>
<P>If the mall floors carelessly chewing gum how to do? This is also a trick, we have to floor the "ice"! We first plastic bags with ice on the chewing gum above, so that chewing gum solidified; by hand press If the gum is completely hardened, you can use a toothbrush or a brush to remove the gum like this! The last step, use a brush to thoroughly brush the net!</P> "paneles falsos de la pared de la cueva,embossment deck railings pros and cons,hubungan lanskap rel komposit "


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