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foam cement surface neat or slightly

<p>screws should be squeezed tightly and the plastic expansion nail cap and composite foam cement surface neat or slightly screwed in to ensure that the tail nail screwed back to the grassroots full anchoring. Third, polished 1: Insulation uneven seam joints Application of coarse sandpaper grinding, movement for the gentle circular motion, do not parallel along the slab parallel to the direction of grinding. 2: polished and timely </p>
<p>use of a brush to clean up the floating ash. Fourth, for decorative angle 1: According to the design requirements with ink pop-up need to do the location of line angle, and horizontal and vertical correction. 2: Groove angle Use a slotter to cut the board into notches, the thinnest notch not less than 15. 3: convex angle should be cut according to the design size, the angle of the line and the corresponding insulation board on both </p>
<p>sides of the brush interface agent together, and then coated with a special adhesive to make it firmly bonded. Five, wipe the bottom polymer mortar 1: The configuration of polymer mortar with a dedicated binder. 2: The configured polymer mortar evenly coated on the board, a thickness of 2 mm. Sixth, into the grid cloth 1: grid cloth should be cut according to the length and width of the face, and should set aside the overlap </p>
<p>patio floor made of pallet wood<br />
1x6 tongue and groove outdoor decking<br />
wpc fence guarantee</p>


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