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Will be eligible for the boosted XP

Shocking news! Meteor Storm's back in RS Gold game which promises to be better than ever. Meanwhile, it offering up to 100% extra XP over standard lamps. Just buy cheap rs 3 gold to train your skills and character to win the awesome XP smoothly and efficiently.

33% more XP or Bonus XP than standard stars or lampsThese now offer 33% more XP or Bonus XP than standard stars or lamps. Better still, if you use them on one of your lowest five skills, the XP boost jumps to a stratospheric 100%! This is definitely a big buffet that everyone is eager to win.

The indispensible requirements of this Treasure HunterYour five skills eligible for the 100% boost will be highlighted in the interface. Note that if one or more of your five lowest skills is 99 and your Dungeoneering is between 99 and 120, Dungeoneering will be eligible for the boosted XP. The same applies for Invention, except in certain rare cases where Dungeoneering and Invention are the same level.Buy cheap rs 3 gold with 9% off at mmogo before Jan. 17The rewards are very attractive. Looking forward to gain?

You may need to buy cheap runescape 3 gold to help you achieve success in the quests. No enough money for it? Just come to mmogo which provides 9% off code "NEAR9" and 6% off code "NEAR6" for all customers. However, these code are valid before Jan. 17. You'd better take action right now!Meteor Storm's is one of most popular contents with amazing rewards in game. Many players will rush for it. Time to buy cheap runescape 3 gold, RuneScape Gold and make early preparations for it. We believe that you'll have thrilling experience in this Treasure Hunter. Good Luck!


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