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The reason the Warriors were able to do

The superteam concept is not particularly new, NBA 2K MT from James' Cavs to James' Heat to the disastrous Dwight Howard-Kobe Bryant Lakers to the "Big Three" Celtics and on back through the Charles Barkley-Hakeem Olajuwon-Scottie Pippen Rockets all the way back to Wilt Chamberlain teaming with Jerry West and Elgin Baylor on the Lakers.

Teams will look to bring together talent not because they want to keep up with the Warriors, but because that's what teams have always done. The second problem with the "more superteams" projection is that superteams won't be easy pull off after this coming summer. The reason the Warriors were able to do it was because there was a spike in revenue from the league's television deal that created an acre of cap space for most teams, and Golden State was able to squeeze Durant into their own space.

There will be another cap bounce this summer, but after that, revenues will level off, and only with meticulous planning will a franchise be able to cobble together a superteam. This team will encourage everyone else to give upOn the opposite end of the doom-and-gloom spectrum is the notion that the Warriors are so good they will force other teams into a kind of meek submission.

Because there's a dominant team, the rest of the league will consider transactions, remember that the Warriors exist and then shrug because nothing matters anymore. So there will be 29 versions of the Washington Generals, run by Eeyore front offices.Come on NBA 2K18 MT Coins buy. No one is in a front-office job with white flags in mind."I think that is a little offensive to everyone else in the league," one general manager told Sporting News.


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