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mean that the process

<p>treatment, then brushing the putty powder, the brush primer, the brush top paint and the like, and the tedious decoration process does not mean that the process interval is long and the decoration period is very long. The biggest advantage of fast loading is 'fast', compared to the traditional decoration, fast loading has a short time, low cost, </p>
<p>saving manpower and material resources and other advantages. For example, in the simple music integrated wall, when the wall decoration, do not need to do other treatment of the wall directly to the plate installed in the rough housing wall, two ordinary carpenters can install a day more than 100 square meters of wall, 20 days to </p>
<p>complete a wall of all the houses and ceiling decoration, and the renovation process will not produce refuse, to achieve that ready to use. Seven Trust integrated quick-loading wall panels Integrated quick-loading wallboard is the trend of the future rapid decoration Integrated quick-loading wall board Tips: Home parents design, we can </p>
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