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the housing reform and the story

<p>floor. 3, the dragon skeleton installed in the hair on the ground erected wooden dragon side, the wooden dragon side gap laying 2-100px insulation layer can be made of polyvinylamine material mats Po (also known as XPS extruded board, B1 grade flame retardant , Density greater than 30kg / m3), or polyurethane insulation cotton. Laying wooden floor heating system based on the floor, this method can be </p>
<p>applied to a variety of wooden heating floor pavement. 4, Matters needing attention The heating floor laying, the focus is to pay attention to pre-planning power supply and thermostat position to facilitate the operation, avoid the windows and doors position is appropriate. Although the installation of the heating floor is simple, it still needs to be carried out by a trained professional installer. After the installation of </p>
<p>the United States and more heating floor, it needs to use a thermal imager to detect the large area of ??the whole heating effect and to check whether the heating is uniform, Can not use temperature gun for point temperature measurement. Heating floor laying method, over a small family to share finished, I hope everyone laying the floor heating help. For more home improvement knowledge, please continue to </p>
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