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flooring industry restructuring

<p>Business is getting worse and worse, business is poor,<a href=''>composite lumber 1x10</a> businesses must face two choices. One option is to consider withdrawing or simply transferring; the second option is to rethink its development strategy. Sure there are many brands can not hold, to be eliminated. There are many brands this year,dampproof best decking for garden boxes including some major brands, which can be said with certainty that the year-end performance is not good. Because the market is not good, the </p>
<p>sales are not good and the performance of enterprises is not good,<a href=''>decking retaining wall seat</a> so there may be a result. I am also very worried about this result. There may be a situation of irrational competition in the second half of the year. Status quo: brand competition irrationality He said that I often run in the market,wood floating floor ways to reuse but also be able to see some signs. From the second half of last year, brands attack each other more and more powerful. Dismantling Taiwan each </p>
<p>other, each other to pick each other's problems,<a href=''>gazebo roof panels south africa</a> but some problems are not worth mentioning. They pick it out with a microscope and then use a magnifying glass to scramble it. Not only small brands do this, some very well-known big brands are also doing this kind of thing. Only one problem: sales situation forced.deck railing install price Therefore, the conclusion is that first, the industry outlook is not optimistic. Second, we may resort to any means to survive </p>


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